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Rumored Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collection Confirmed For FW ’17

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2017 will be making every hypebeast’s dream come true with the Supreme x Louis Vuitton FW 2017 collection.


What was originally only supposed to be a rumored collection has been confirmed to release for the Fall/Winter half of 2017.


A couple of weeks into the new year, images of pieces from the rumored collection were leaked all over social media, leaving the world in suspense on whether or not it would actually be releasing.


Paris’ Fashion Week that took place a couple of weeks ago launched a runway for the collection, officially confirming that the release will be available to the public later this year for the brands FW ’17 collection.


Rapper and fashion icon Travis Scott, who is notorious for sporting the latest pieces from the iconic street-wear brand, Supreme, has been the face of the up and coming collection, modeling the collection’s pieces all over social media, runway shows etc.


Here are some shots of Travis Scott, sporting some of the most hyped up pieces from the collection.

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We advise anyone that is planning on getting their hands on a piece or two from this collection to be well prepared both mentally and financially.


One fact to consider is that the Supreme brand’s non-collaboration pieces are extremely hyped up as it is. The fact that the most recognized brand in street-wear is teaming up with one of the most, if not THE most, iconic brands in high-end fashion, Louis Vuitton, the hype in its original form will only be multiplying.


In addition to the hype multiplying, so will the prices.


Supreme and Louis Vuitton price their products high to begin with. We advise anyone trying to get their hands on even the cheapest piece in the collection, to get their money up prior to the release.


Here’s a screen shot from an account on Instagram showing the prices for the Supreme x Louis Vuitton FW 2017:




That’s all the info we have on the Supreme x Louis Vuitton FW 2017 collection.


Check back with us for the latest updates on this collection.


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