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Kobe Bryant Wants The Warriors To Get 73 Wins

Kobe and Stephen Curry

Kobe Bryant wants the Golden State Warriors to get 73 wins to set the all-time season record. It makes sense for one of the best teams in the league getting close to the 95-96 Chicago Bulls record, to achieve that feat. The competitiveness in Bryant if he was in that situation would drive him to the heavens and earth on getting 73 wins.

He was close to perfection in the 2000-01 season with the Lakers. They were 12-0 heading into the NBA Finals until they loss to the 76ers in the first game of the series. Some may argue that team being the best ever due to their postseason success, but don’t tell that to the Warriors. Each player’s mindset in this era is different compare to the 90s due to branding and hanging out with celebrities.

Either way, Bryant makes a valid point on not caring what others think and do what’s best for the team. Warriors only have four games left to break the record.

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