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Kris Joyner: Creator Of ‘AmeriKan Dreamin’


Inspired by his own style, Kris Joyner developed a clothing brand that is truly original and on the rise. Since graduating with a computer science degree, Joyner has worked in different industries even producing music on the side; known as “West Love”, before finding his passion in fashion.


BLEU: Where are you from?


KRIS JOYNER: I represent Brooklyn, but born in New Port News Virginia.


B: What is AmeriKan Dreamin’ Clothing?


KJ: AmeriKan Dreamin’ Clothing is a clothing brand started by my business partner Kamaya and me. We started out in 2012 and since then, we have grown a great deal. As time progressed, we introduced more products and are always getting good feedback about our quality.


B: What is unique about your clothing brand?


KJ: This brand has something for everyone. It is inspired by the American Dream. The American Dream is something that we are living every day.  I feel like this brand represents that.


B: What made you want to start a clothing brand?


KJ: It just came to me. I have always had this idea that I was a “fly guy”; I would always get compliments on my style. When my business partner Kamaya and I started the brand in 2012, we didn’t really know much about the business. Everyone is trying to start a line but you have to have the knowledge. I graduated with a Computer Science Degree so I was always current with computers and social media. When we came up with AmeriKan Dreamin’ Clothing; we used social media to sell our products and make connections with different people. I was always learning something new so that I could get it done myself. I started drawing up designs and getting the prints put on my shirts. When we started doing popup shops, we introduced our flight jackets that somehow seem to sell out every time.


B: Who do you look up to in the clothing industry?


KJ: Kiy and his brand Club Foreign.  I am usually on the lookout for his stuff. He doesn’t know it but he is the one who inspired me to get started.


B: What is next for your brand?


KJ: I always have people directly contacting me to buy some of my products. In the future, I don’t want it to be like that. I want the purchasing of AmeriKan Dreamin’ Clothing to be on a completely different scale. I want to have such a huge selection of items that the best way to purchase is through a website. That’s more gratifying for me. AmeriKan Dreamin’ Clothing will be branching out into other lines. It’s about being ahead of the game so even now we are getting geared up for winter so that we can introduce more products. Soon we will be releasing Legal Trappin’ which is an extension to AmeriKan Dreamin’ Clothing.


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