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Lakers Rift Grows; D’Angelo Russell damages Team Culture


As the downward spiral of the Los Angeles Lakers culture continues to persist from a lackluster head office management to the abysmal play displayed on the court, the franchise-worst 48-point loss wasn’t the headline after last night’s game.

After Tuesday’s 123-75 loss to the Utah Jazz, D’Angelo Russell became the centerpiece of a colossal disaster causing irrevocable damage to not only his relationship with his team, but players across the league. Russell secretly videotaped teammate Nick Young as it pertained to numerous women, finding its way across all media platforms causing waves of slander to not only his brand, but character as a player. When asked about the video, Russell stated, “I thought no one would see the video; it was a prank”.

Tonight before their home game in Los Angeles against the Heat, both players will address the media on the state of the team in terms of moving forward and growing from this situation. Given the circumstances of both the health of the team and off-the-court hindrances, there’s nothing for the Laker fanbase to be ecstatic for right now. Young’s fiancee Iggy Azalea also commented on the topic on twitter, leaving little to no room to contemplate if her and Young’s relationship can be repaired.


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