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Lance Stephenson Blows Kiss At LeBron’s Ear, But The Pacers May Be Kissing The Playoffs Goodbye!

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By Angel L. Quiles Jr.

Lets face it the Indiana Pacers squeaked into game six last night after beating the Miami Heat 93-90 in Indianapolis, Indiana. LeBron James was on the bench most of the second half after picking up his fifth foul with eight minutes to go in the third quarter.

That’s when all-star Paul George woke up and remembered that his team’s season was on the line. Paul George scored 37 points overall, 31 in the second half mostly in the absence of LeBron. David West the Pacers intense power forward chipped in with 19 points, and Lance Stephenson provided one of the most comedic moments of this years N.B.A. season, right up there with J.R. Smith’s shoe string incident. He blew what seemed like a kiss into LeBron James’s ear in the second half.

The incident was funny, and Lance did have a great game defensively. He was a pest and forced LeBron into some silly fouls, which kept him out of most of the game. However, you do not want to piss off the best all-around player in the N.B.A.

Miami has not lost a game at home at all this post-season. Unfortunately, for Indiana that fact will not change. Yes Indiana has an impeccable road record this post-season but that will be an obsolete fact once they go back to Miami. LeBron will be upset he was on the wrong side of some shaky calls, and will be in full attack mode. Something that Indiana will not have an answer for. Something that will have the Heat in the championship round for the fourth straight year.

Angel L. Quiles Jr. is a sports writer from New York, NY. His passion for professional sports was spawned in the school yards of East Harlem. There he learned how to play football, baseball, and basketball. East Harlem is also where he played little league baseball. At the age of twelve he made the 25th precincts police athletic leagues little league all-star team. That team was invited to play against Fort Lee, New Jersey's all-star team in a game at the original Yankee Stadium. The game was covered by Mr. G's show "Care for kids" a community based program on the old WPIX channel 11 in New York City. Angel never made it to the big leagues, but the show and his passion for sports made Angel realize that he didn't have to play the game professionally in order to be around it. He could become a sports writer, be able to cover the drama of sports, and hopefully make a living doing and watching what he loves.

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