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LaVar Ball Unveiling $495 Sneakers Can Make Or Break His Son’s Career

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LaVar Ball keeps doing things that no one else could do by unveiling the Lonzo Ball ZO2 basketball shoe. These signature sneakers are worth $495, which is more than other debuts of past and present stars. Now doing this puts Lonzo Ball in an uncomfortable situation where it can make or break his NBA career.


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Taking a look at the history of sneaker debuts, there are rising stars that made their signature sneakers the right way. For Michael Jordan his Air Jordan 1s were at $145 in 1986. Other stars (Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Stephen Marbury, Stephen Curry) with their sneaker debuts such as the KB8 ($151), LeBron AZG ($145), Starbury One ($18), and Curry 1s ($123) all did it right. Each of them show off stardom performances that made fans want to buy these signature sneakers. But for the dad on Lonzo to come up with this ridiculous price for the customers is blasphemous.


The 19-year-old, who is gonna be a top 5 pick in the upcoming NBA draft, will an athlete without endorsements because of LaVar. The Big Baller Brand already off to a rocky start trying to sell these expensive sneakers. Lonzo hasn’t step foot on the court and not even played summer basketball yet. He has all the skills to become a legit franchise player, which teams are looking for. But the spotlight continues to shine on Lonzo because of LaVar.


The talkative, loud month and cocky individual doing too much for a player that can either be a star or bust in the NBA. Signature sneakers are meant for those that prove themselves in the court and made all-star appearances, not for rookies. Now businessmen would look at this and say he trying to sent a message to white owners. The only African American owner in the NBA is Michael Jordan, who has done a marvelous job with Nike and continues to be successful. But in reality this marketable move made by LaVar is risky and stupid.


The money (which is extremely low in sales at $150,000 on the first day) and Lonzo’s performance will determine if the brand and sneaker sustains itself for the future.


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