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LeBron James Still The King Of The Eastern Conference Regardless Of Seeding

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Cleveland Cavaliers sweeping the Indiana Pacers is just another milestone accomplished by LeBron James and his supporting cast. James continues to show the NBA why he is still the king of the eastern conference. While other teams have quality players that made slight improvements to their roster, it is still not good enough to overcome the greatness of James, who looks to be in playoff mode.


According to Elias Sports, James’ teams have won 21 straight first-round games, the longest streak since 1984. This now places Magic Johnson, James Worthy and Michael Cooper second with 20 wins. A remarkable feat of dominance from a star who is 32 years old and doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon.


Ever since James enter his prime in 2010, it has been nothing but short on how great his play is. He nearly averages a triple-double for his career with 27 points, 7 assists and 7.3 rebounds. Every team James is on makes the finals, which shows how weak the eastern conference. There has been a team that is a threat to James in the east other than  the old Boston Celtics. They made James life a living hell and forced him to join the Miami Heat before coming back to Cleveland. Still nothing can be said on James continuing to do things that all-time greats can’t do by themselves.


An example is the greatest halftime comeback in NBA playoff history against Indiana in Game 4. James had four role players in J.R. Smith, Kyle Korver, Deron Williams and Tristan Thompson. Most of them were great players back in the day, but they still can play because of James. Four shooters combined with his playmaking skills equals explosive offense if they all get hot from three. Not many teams have a lineup like that unless one man can do everything, which is James in this case.


He’s smart to be playing in the east than west because it is an easier road to the Finals. The king knows what it takes to get there, regardless of seeding or matchup. People criticize him for resting during the regular season, but where are those critics now? Keeping their mouths shut and seeing the dominance displayed by a future hall of famer. When it is all set and done, he may go down as a top three all-time player. This itself makes other franchises wanting stars to have a chance of dethroning him from his crown. But it gonna be tough as James is still hungry in having another finals trophy added to the case, and doesn’t want to be the Jerry West of this era.

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