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Leonardo DiCaprio Won His 1st Best Actor Award For “The Revenant”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio in nearly 22 years of acting finally, finally won his 1st Best Actor award for “The Revenant” at the Oscars.

Through tough times from becoming a star since “Titanic” to icon movie hits in “Catch Me If You Can” and “The Wolf On Wall Street”, he finally snubs a Best Actor award in his acting career. Playing the character Hugh Glass for the film “The Revenant” gave the audience an intense look of the hard work DiCaprio put in. He earned a standing ovation while receiving his award.  The 41 year-old actor said during his speech about the importance of climate change from this film and being in the moment.

“Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted,” he said according to Yahoo News. “This is a journey I will never forget with Alejandro. We have a great film to look back on for years to come.”

DiCaprio show everyone that making it in the top of Hollywood’s A list doesn’t come easy even at a young age. He started to come back up when he was a cop in “The Departed”. Then did movies such as “Blood Diamond” and others to be in the discussion for best actor. Other actors like Matthew McConaughey and Eddie Redmayne know what’s like winning best actor, but DiCaprio sees it more than that even if fans waited long enough for him to win.

On the personal side, he just split with latest girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach, who is a Sports Illustrated model. There were rumors of him being with Rihanna in New York.

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