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Lillard’s Dominance Over Knicks Foreshadows Where Both Franchises Are

Photo by NBA.com

Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard dominated at Madison Square Garden with 30 points in a 104-85 victory against the New York Knicks.

“He’s playing at a really elite level, efficient, drawing contract when he gets to the rim, getting to the free-throw line, hitting tough shots and making players around him better,” Portland guard CJ McCollum said according to Yahoo Sports . “So this is one of the best runs I’ve seen him on, 30-point games, efficiently doing it against quality competition. So I’d say this is some of the best basketball I’ve seen.”

It certainly is the golden age of point guards with the Blazers trending into the right direction. Not so much for the dysfunctional Knicks. This game foreshadows where both franchises are heading to. Knicks haven’t had a solid point guard in a very long time. Carmelo Anthony had 23 points leading the team. Kristaps Porzingis only scored 11 points, continues to do what he can against fast guards since Jose Calderon is a defensive liability.

The frustration on this team only makes them more upset with where this season is going. They loss their head coach in Derek Fisher before All Star break. Knicks can’t win games without Melo in the lineup. The team gave up on Kurt Rambis, whether people don’t see  during games. Fans starting to boo in every home game.

Phil Jackson as the president of the team has not been successful in two years. The Blazers look to have a promising future with their point guard. The Knicks on the other hand, have questions to address on what Melo wants and having a point guard to pair with Porzingis for the future.

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