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Listen To Nas’ Funky Song From Netflix’s ‘The Get Down’

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Nas always created some of the best iconic songs for hip-hop fans that love his music. Well he has a new song called “Angel Dust,” which is on part 2 of Netflix’s “The Get Down.”

The song really digs deep into hip-hop dominating a possible life of drug-dealing. One of the verses during the song said, “The sidewalk was my brother’s office/ We cut our losses, I had choices/ I took a pen, became a voice for the voiceless/ My people walking in a zombie state/ Life is short, even mine’s at stake,” he raps, followed by samples of late Seventies news reports on the drug.”


Be on the lookout for Nas announcing the date of his 11th studio album, which should be popping for old school fans. Listen to “Angel Dust” below:


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