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A Little Fashion Pin-Spiration: Men’s Growing Fascination with Pintrest



The desire to dress better and having some wardrobe essentials are just the beginning stages of being a well dressed man. You can buy the a nice wool overcoat,  a few great pairs of boots, have a couple of perfectly fitted pants and a plethora of dope shirts, but it’s all about how you put it together.

While scrolling through your Instagram time line and favorites page you might come across a quick pic that may spark your fashion sense, but the likelihood of finding a similar image is very slim. By limiting your search criterion to usernames and hashtags, Instagram only allows you to see a glimpse of what you’re really in search for.

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The growing appeal of Pintrest has really been an everyday “Go To” for the everyday man. Showcasing fashion inspirations, like unique color combinations, accessorizing accents,  style fuses, and fresh new brands on the market, Pintrest has began to sink its way into thousands of men’s morning routines. According to TechCrunch.com, men are the fastest growing demographic subscribing to Pintrest, accounting for a third of their new Pinners. The platform’s allowance of specific search criteria makes finding outfit inspirations a synch.


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