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‘Logan’ Review: ‘The Dark Knight’ Of Marvel That Will Leave You Speechless And Touched When It’s Over

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Since 2000, Hugh Jackman has played the character of Logan/Wolverine in all X-Men movies. During that stretch there have been two Batmans, two Supermans and three Spidermans. Jackman pretty much set a longevity record amongst these and other superheroes, which can’t be ignored.


What he and director James Mangold delivered on the final chapter of his character is something special. The film”Logan” is the “Dark Knight” of Marvel filled with brutal moments complemented by a great story that will touch your heart when it’s over.


The year is 2029 and mutants are essentially extinct, including the X-Men. A grumpy Logan, who is about 150 years old, is a limo driver making money to buy medications for an ailing Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), and saving some of it for a yacht to live out their days on the sea. But those plans are alter when Logan encounters Laura (Dafne Keen), a girl with similar abilities like him and being hunted by a government that is creating new mutants.


In all honest, the transition of scenes from one point to another flowed well and was very smooth. The scenes where Xavier and Logan have their moments were unforgettable because of how sad it is. The characters show different sides that fans didn’t see, especially with their funny and touching moments. Each of them are fighting their past sins, which is depressing to see cause everyone makes mistakes but being old can be very scary.


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The professor is suffering from a brain disorder, which killed his students and being viewed by the government as a dangerous threat. An angry Logan has his adamantium and healing factor basically gone due to age, getting cuts easily from hits. Most of the time it’s sickening to watch him get cut up or beaten to death knowing he’s not recovering as fast as before.


And yet, no one can forget Laura, aka “X-23” who is violent, brutal, ferocious, ruthless and a savage. Keen playing that character nearly the stole the show with no remorse on her kills towards the enemies.


The action itself out-topped all X-Men movies by a large margin. During the film you are gonna say to yourself what the heck is happening or are you kidding me with the amount of gore being shown. By making it a rated “R” film, the director let loose and stick with how the Old Man Logan comics are like. Despite it being overdue, this was the film every X-Men fan was waiting to see out of Wolverine. Heck even the interactions with the family were heartbreaking to see (cause those that watch it will understand why I say that).


Overall, the film expressed a perfect goodbye for Logan. It set the standard for how future superhero films should be. While it may be brutal, dark and gritty, everyone is gonna feel touched when it’s over. The film deserves to be part of best superhero films like “The Dark Knight and “Avengers,” and could possibly have Oscar nominations as well. Stay out of this kids, only those that saw Wolverine since 2000 deserves to watch it all end.

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