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London Has Fallen Review: Same Situation, Different Location

London Has Fallen

Action movies tend to be a trend in Hollywood today. People may have seen “White House Has Fallen” as a movie about the secret service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) protecting President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) from a colossal disaster. It had the feel of “White House Down” with the same scenario having the president safe from the bad guys. Well “London Has Fallen” falls in the same situation, different location for the original cast.


The story goes on an explosion happening in Europe as several terrorists attacks occurred by the United States. President Asher and his secret agent Mike go to London for a death of a famous leader with multiple leaders going as well. Then a strange attack happens during the funeral, killing multiple leaders as the buildings collapse around the area. Asher and Mike go on a run from terrorists attacks and try to get out of London. While the story falls in a different location, it still follows the same path as the original movie. There are moments in which is touching between Asher and Mike, but it doesn’t go in a different way. People may like the movie more due to the action, bored to death on the same scenario as the original.


The action in this movie has taken a step up compared to “White House Has Fallen”. Putting the shooting, breath-taking moments in a big city like London give’s viewers a taste for their money. Some of the scenes that Mike does makes him look a like a professional secret agent, who doesn’t panic in the moment. He knows things two steps ahead of everyone and makes sure that the president is safe. One part of the movie look insane when he’s taking on a lot of soldiers as if it’s Call of Duty or The Division. Some of it is just laughable with the expression, are you serious?? The audience will appreciate the amount of work they put in for the action scenes, but wish it wasn’t so fiction.


Overall “London Has Fallen” deliveries non-stop action from beginning to end. Mike shows the whole world why he’s the best as a secret service agent and even the president doing things out of the norm. Morgan Freeman does what he does as vice president and the terrorists going above the law in London. People will be satisfied in the latest chapter of the franchise, but it’s best if it was approached differently.

5/10 – Action took a step up, but same old problem in a different location.

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