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Loose LeBron James Putting Fear On The NBA

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LeBron James in the postseason is putting on a show. In two rounds he’s averaging 34.4 points, 9 rebounds and 7.1 assists on 55 percent shooting. The monkey definitely off his back after pulling the biggest upset in NBA finals history against Golden State. Now with James playing loose and doing things beyond his limits, he is putting fear on the league for what is coming in the next few years.


“Seriously, what else would I have [to do]?” James said according to Joe Vardon of cleveland.com. “I’ve won championships, I won my first one and I’ve won for my teammates, I came home and won. There isn’t anything I have left to prove.”


Really James is at a point of his career in which getting MVPs isn’t something he wants to focus on. All he really wants to do is win championships no matter what with a stellar supporting cast. However, there was a time where fans and critics view him as a choker who couldn’t deliver in the final moments. Some people still remember that disappointing finals performance against the Dallas Mavericks in 2011. Or even the beatdown he took against the San Antonio Spurs in 2014. But King James regain his confidence and still made a Finals appearance every year since 2011.


No one other than the Bill Russell Boston Celtics have made multiple finals appearances, which speaks to the lack competition combined with James dominance against Eastern Conference teams. Western Conference teams always provide problems against the 32-year-old due to coaching and great players. But has anyone seen a more confident James than ever before? Absolutely not.


The stage is set for another Finals matchup between Cleveland and Golden State. Two superteams collide as one has a four-time MVP while the other has three MVPs combined. Whether the remaining playoff teams provide a threat to either Golden State or Cleveland, anyone intelligent enough knows part three of this intense rivalry is gonna happen. It might go seven games or end in a sweep, but make no mistake James will show up on the biggest stage.

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