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We Love: Kerry Washington

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Who Do We Love:

Actress Kerry Washington seems to have the whole package. Women aspire to be like her while men dream of finding a woman like her. From her role as the fierce Olivia Pope on “Scandal” to her striking portrayal of Della Bea Robinson in Ray, she is indeed an acting powerhouse.

Let’s Talk About Looks:

We all know Kerry’s lips are one of her most coveted features. They are the perfect compliment to her high sitting cheekbones that perfectly sculpt her chiseled yet soft face. Her smile is immaculate, highlighting the natural beauty’s lovely almond eyes.

At 5’4, Kerry’s petite frame is perfect in any pencil skirt or pair of skinny jeans she struts in. Not to mention her super tight physique that snapped back after the recent birth of her daughter.

WOW Factor:

Along with being super sexy, and super talented, she’s also someone’s SuperMom. This makes Kerry truly dynamic. And with beauty and brawn comes brains. Kerry is a 1998 graduate of George Washington University.

It’s safe to say that Kerry’s appeal is undeniable and irresistible. And for her mix of smarts and sexiness, we have to say we love Mrs. Kerry.

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