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Lyfe Jennings

Lyfe Jennings

The highly anticipated sixth album by Lyfe Jennings will be hitting the shelves pretty soon.

Armed with prolific vocal and songwriting abilities, singer-songwriter Lyfe Jennings  returns with his new single “Pretty Is”, the lead single off his upcoming sixth album Tree of Lyfe, is a ballad celebrating women with the message “Pretty is what pretty does / You’ll always be pretty because you’ll fall but get up  Pretty is what pretty does / You’ll always be pretty because you’re still full of love”

The song has already sparked buzz and early reaction among radio industry heavyweights in AtlantaWhat inspired life to create his new song was the number of young women struggling with issues of self-esteem and going down the wrong path due to suffering from various traumas.

I just happen to come across this young lady and a lot of times these young ladies be confused and get the wrong advice about stuff, they get the wrong upbringing. I just wanted to make sure she was conscious of the rewards versus the risk. Remain pretty in everything that you do. I also see many other young ladies out here that’s just working regular jobs you know sometimes they kinda get treated unfairly…they’re beautiful in what they do

In 2004, Lyfe Jennings captivated countless listeners worldwide with his seminal platinum-selling debut Lyfe 268-192. Since then, the singer and songwriter created four more critically acclaimed and consistently powerful offerings, including 2013’s Lucid. He also collaborated with notable artists from Alicia Keys and Talib Kweli to Rick Ross and Bun B.

In a press release, the album Tree of Lyfe is described as Lyfe’s most personal  work to date and produced the majority of the album at his home studio. When asked about his current musical mindset, Lyfe Jennings response is one of reflection and experience. Lyfe Jennings also described the album as being “just truthful”

When I say truthful, a Lyfe Jennings record you know, nobody else can do a Lyfe Jennings record because Imma tell you what it really is. I ain’t gonna tell you what I want it to be or any of that, Imma tell you what it REALLY is and because I won’t be having to go through that help you get over it. I can’t do that with a lie, I can’t be out talking about the club and I got a million dollars in my pocket I mean, that’s a lie…It’s definitely a personal album because it’s what I’m going through at the time

Tree of Lyfe will be hitting the store June 23rd. Get ready for another Lyfe creation folks. You can watch the video below.


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