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Manny Machado Goes Off On The Boston Red Sox For Hitting Him

(05/01/2017- Boston, MA) Baltimore Orioles' Manny Machado watches his sixth inning  home run clear the green monster at Fenway Park on Monday, May 1, 2017. Staff Photo by Matt West

“[Expletives] coward stuff,” Machado said to reporters of Sale’s pitch according to Des Bieler of The Washington Post. “I mean, that’s stuff that you don’t f—ing do. But I’m not on that side, not in that organization. They are still thinking about that same slide [into Pedroia]. I had no intention on hurting anybody and I’m still paying, still trying to get hit at. Getting thrown at my f—ing head, getting thrown at everywhere. It’s f—ing bulls—. I’ve lost respect for that organization, for that coaching staff, for everyone over there.”


Manny Machado is just one of the other MLB players disgusted by the Boston Red Sox for their coward acts towards teams. He has a right to be frustrated for this organization and the city being disrespectful at opposing players. The anticipation based on these events now questioning the reputation of Boston, which is known to be a whining town. They complain about everything and believe in themselves as being underdogs in sports. Well, in this situation opposing players like Machado disagree on these assumptions.


He said during his rant on pitchers throwing at him to stop sugarcoating it and just do it. Everyone knows the MLB would suspended any pitcher for a couple of games, but for hitters they most likely will be out much longer. If the hitter retaliates while holding a bat, it is most likely a year and that is not right. A hitter’s and pitcher’s safety is crucial for the MLB to progress as a brand.


The 24-year-old struggling with the Baltimore Orioles thus far, and this ain’t helping. Surely it will happen again tonight and for other teams facing Boston during the season. But what will the MLB do about it? Maybe conduct fines for these disrespectful Boston players or suspended them more than 15 games. Either way, look out for an MLB statement from commissioner Rob Manfred on this disgraceful incident.

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