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Massive DC Comics Sale Starting June 2

DC is celebrating the close of the New 52 with their biggest digital comics sale to date.

DC is celebrating the close of The New 52 with their biggest digital comics sale to date.

DC Comics is having a monumental digital comics sale this month to commemorate the relaunch of the brand this summer.

The sale, appropriately titles “The New DC Universe Sale,” will give readers up to 80% off on over 1,000 comics on digital services including Comixology, iBooks, Google Play, Nook and Kindle Store. The sale will be split across three weeks starting June 2.

DC’s rebranding will be the second time the company is doing so this decade. In 2011, DC relaunch all of their comics with their “New 52” initiative. The relaunch brought the company some mainstream recognition and successfully rid the impenetrable history that kept new readers from jumping in. The New 52 came to a close last month after the conclusion summer comic event “Convergence.”

In April, DC moved from New York City to Burbank. DC, who was crucial in the growing popularity of comic books in the 30’s and 40’s have been based in New York City since 1934.

Be sure to check back with Bleu this week as we highlight the best of the best of this month’s massive sale. Check out the titles featured in the sale below.


The New DC Universe Sale: Week 1 (6/2 – 6/8)

  • Aquaman: Aquaman (2011-) #1-38
  • Deathstroke: Deathstroke (2011)  #1-20, Deathstroke (2014) #1-6
  • Justice League: Justice League (2011-) #1-38
  • The Flash: The Flash (2011-) #1-38
  • Green Arrow: Green Arrow (2011-) #1-38
  • New Suicide Squad: Suicide Squad (2011-) #1-30, New Suicide Squad #1-6
  • Lobo: Lobo (2014-) #1-4
  • Secret Six: Secret Six (2014-) #1
  • Teen Titans: Teen Titans (2011-) #1-30, Teen Titans (2014-) #1-6
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (2011-) #1-38
  • Action Comics: Action Comics (2011-) #1-38
  • Superman: Superman (2011-) #1-37
  • Superman/Wonder Woman: Superman/Wonder Woman (2012-) #1-15
  • Batman/Superman: Batman/Superman (2013-) #1-18
  • Batman: Batman (2011-) #1-38
  • Batgirl: Batgirl (2011-) #1-34
  • Catwoman: Catwoman (2011-) #1-38
  • Detective Comics: Detective Comics (2011-) #1-38
  • Gotham by Midnight: Gotham by Midnight (2014-) #1-3
  • Harley Quinn: Harley Quinn (2013-) #1-14
  • Green Lantern: Green Lantern (2011-) #1-38
  • Sinestro: Sinestro (2014-) #1-9

The New DC Universe Sale: Week 2 (6/9 – 6/15)

  • Justice League of America: JLA (1997-2006) #47-54
  • Bat-Mite: Batman  #672-674, 678-680
  • Batman Beyond: The New 52: Futures End #1-52, Batman Beyond (2010) #1-6
  • Dr. Fate: Doctor Fate (1987) #1-4, Doctor Fate (1988-1992) #1-41
  • Green Lantern: The Lost Army: Green Lantern Corps (2011) #1-40
  • Justice League 3001: Justice League 3000 #1-15
  • The Omega Men: Omega Men (2006) #1-6, Green Lantern (1976-) #141-144, Omega Men (1983) #1-38, DC Comics Presents (1978-1983) #89, Green Lantern (1976-1986) #161, Omega Men (1983-1986) Annuals 1 and 2.
  • Robin: Son of Batman: Batman & Robin (2011) #1-40, Robin Rises Omega #1, Robin Rises Alpha #1, Batman, Incorporated (2012) #1-13
  • Section 8: Hitman #1-40
  • Starfire: Red Hood and the Outlaws #1-40, DC Universe Presents (2011-) #18

The New DC Universe Sale: Week 3 (6/16 – 6/22)

  • Bizarro: Forever Evil #1-7, Action Comics #855-857
  • Black Canary: Birds of Prey (2011) #1-34
  • Constantine: The Hellblazer: Justice League Dark #1-40, Constantine #1-23
  • Doomed: Superman: Doomed #1-2, Supergirl (2011) #34-35
  • Earth 2: Society: Earth 2 #1-32
  • Harley Quinn & Power Girl: Power Girl #1-27
  • Martian Manhunter: Stormwatch (2011) #1-19, Justice League of America (2013) #1-14, Martian Manhunter (1998-2001) #0-36
  • Midnighter: Stormwatch (2011) #20-30, Midnighter (2007-2008) #1-20
  • Prez: Prez (1974) #1-4
  • Red Hood/Arsenal: Arsenal (1998-) 1-4, DC Universe Presents (2011-) #17
  • We Are… Robin: Batman Eternal #1-52


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