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Misfit Flare The Perfect Fitness Tracker For Gym Rats

via Misfit

Misfit introducing an attractive fitness tracker at a lower price that is better than most products. The new Misfit Flare is selling at $59.99, being able to track how many steps are taken, how far the person traveled and calories burned, which makes it the perfect fitness tracker for gym rats.


The Flare at a lower price ditches most of the other features found in a regular fitness tracker. They wanted to just have those fitness lovers have a tracker suited to their goals. It actually make them more competitive to other fitness brands such as Fitbit, which has a step-and-sleep tracking band called the Flex at $49.99. This Misfit Flare also waterproof, but can have swim-tracking features if the individual pays an extra $9.99.


Still fitness trackers like these don’t come out too often. Usually the simple ones are just fine for those that want to accomplish their short or long term fitness goals.

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