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Mr. Obsessive Vol. 1

Del Toro shoes are a must have for the modern man's wardrobe.

Mr. Obsessive: Weekly must haves

 In the United States of America mass consumption is a way of life. We always want more, need more. I am no exception as a child I knew I had a flare for focusing all my energy and resources to obtain my desired items. I often erupt, when I become focused on something. This column is a manifestation of my five weekly obsessions.  Check back every Tuesday to what persons, places, and things I just cannot seem to live without.

  1. Haven – The SyFy produced program is loosely based on the Stephen King Novel, The Colorado Kid. Set in Haven, Maine the plot follows Audrey Parker played by Emily Rose. Parker shares a mysterious connection with Haven. Like any Stephen King project this show is full of all sorts of supernatural goings on.  Entering its fourth season I would recommend starting from the beginning.  If your anything like me your often watching tv for the fashion. Although suttle I find Haven speaks to my inner lumberjack. All the plaid and denim shirts certainly have sent me running to the nearest Levi’s store.
  2. Del Toro Shoes – Everything happens for a reason and the day I discovered Del Toro the heavens opened up and a light shown on me.  Stocking everything from brogues to wingtips these are a great alternatives to Stubb and Wooten. My journalism spirit animal, Louise Roe was quoted saying, “I don’t own boring shoes.” Well I have to agree. I may be a man, but that doesn’t mean I have to settle for sensible shoes.
  3. Up Couture T-shirts – I live my life in t-shirts and I am confident to say that I have just about mastered every conceivable way to style them. When Lori approached me about the concept of a shirt that improves your posture I assumed it was a joke. When I received my shirts such notions were quickly dispelled. I  tried it on for a day of business and pleasure. Honestly I have to say that I am a tad bit addicted to this thing. I have wore it a few times and the only thing people seem to notice is that I look taller. Up Couture blends easily with my wardrobe, while saving my parents the trouble to ask me to stop my slouching.
  1. Haim – Haim is a Los Angeles based band comprised of sisters Alana, Este, Danielle, Signed to Roc Nation’s management group the soulful sisters boast ripe vocals that recall Janis Joplin and Nina Simone. This past Tuesday I purchased their debut LP the Days are Gone and since hearing the first track “Fallen,” I have been hooked. Aside from their dusky vocals and rich instrumentation, these ladies have some pretty funny music videos.
  2. Flea Markets – I love a good treasure hunt. As an adult you can”t go through life with a shovel digging holes without getting asked a few questions.  Lucky for me, I can quench my inner tomb raider’s thirst at the flea market. There is something exciting about haggling and bartering for goods. Flea markets are a great place to flex your imagination. This is one of the few places where you can turn just about anything into a treasure.

Call me a zany fool, but these picks have managed to stop my world from spinning and force me to pay attention. Maybe you like my picks, maybe you don’t. One things for sure , I won’t know what you think if you don’t comment!

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