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Multiple Tech Firms Support Apple’s Block Against The U.S. Government On Terrorist Case

Photo by Kiichiro Sato/AP

Multiple tech firms such as Microsoft, Google and Version support Apple’s block against the U.S. government on not unlocking an iPhone for information regarding the San Bernardino terrorists.

These companies are filling brief for their support. This can possibly lead to a legal precedent greatly expanding the limits of governments can do to other companies in criminal probes. It’s possible that despite the government being limited to certain permissions because of the US constitution, it can lead to them being awarded with more power. If the information is important to the case, Apple may not have a choice.

“They know that if Apple can be forced to do this, they can be forced to do something similar,” said one industry lawyer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations according to the Washington Post. He said he thought Apple’s case was strong.

The government on the other hand is in a risky situation. They can put themselves out in the open for hackers and terrorists, learning how to get information from personal iPhones. Apple will continue to do whatever it takes for them not unlocking the iPhone for government purposes. But it won’t matter if someone with great hacking skills gets a head start to a possible fire-sale on the United States.

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