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Must Have Fun Beach Essentials

Beach bucket and spade

With summer officially here, heading out to the beach is a no brainer when the skies are clear and sun is shining. We’ve decided to share five “beach must haves” that make a day at the beach a lot more fun.

  1. MySun Bag for Shore

Keep you and your personal belonging cool on the beach with the multipurpose MySunBag, an innovative solution for comfortable shade, carrying belongings, foldable beach umbrella.



  1. Aquabot Water Bottle

When getting out there in the hot, glistening sun, staying hydrated, cool, and clean are all important. With the Aquabot water bottle, you can successfully do all three. This water bottle is designed to spray out water up to 25 feet with different mist patterns making task like rinsing sandy toes, cooling of with a mist, drinking water fun and easy.

Aquabot-Water-Bottle-01 2


Aquabot-Water-Bottle-02 2


If sand castles and getting buried alive is not your idea of fun, stay amused with the 33 in 1 bean bag tossing game. Built with interchangeable templates, storage bins, and adjustable locking legs, the BEANBAGGLZ turns into the ultimate gaming table. Choose from a game of cards, dice, pool, and so much more. Pre-order here.

33-Games-in-One-02 2

  1. Mix Stik “ruler for cocktails”

Enjoy perfectly mixed drinks with MixStick, the affordable connected device that can turn you into a well adaptive mixologist. The MixStik connects to your phone via bluetooth and allowing you to mix drinks recipes with LED lights. Each ingredient is assigned a unique color and when placed into a glass or shaker, making steps to follow recipes. 

MixStikFrontGF 2

MixStik-03 2

MixStikFrontGF2 2

  1. ProShotCase

Safely capture every moment underwater with the ProShotCase, a ultra waterproof, durable, and shockproof housing for the iPhone 6/6s. ProShot can be mounted on most surfaces and is compatible with all GoPro mounts.





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