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Nas to Headline Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival


The 12th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival has announced this year’s dates and a very special lineup featuring some of the genre’s greatest artists.


Coming July 13th-16th to the Borough of Brooklyn, the summer music event is scheduled to include headliners like legendary Queensbridge MC Nas with special guests The Soul Rebels.

Also on deck for the festival is Bed-Stuy’s own Fabolous. Expect to hear from others like performers Rapsody, DJ Rob Swift and more. For the special finale concert, we’ll all be amped to see fellow Brooklynite Talib Kweli drop some serious knowledge for the crowd.


Hosted by Uncle Ralph McDaniels and Torae, the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival is the longest running NYC festival celebrating every aspect of the genre’s cultural impact by introduces crowds to legends, remembering the genre’s front runners of the past and reminding us why Hip Hop is here to stay. So get your tickets early for the four-day lineup of beats, rhymes, knowledge, film, photography, MCs, DJs, B-Boys, B-Girls, food, fashion and so much more.

If you love Hip Hop like we do and want to experience the festival on a firsthand level, how about volunteering this year? Find out more information on how to get involved by clicking here.

The Weeknd & Nas Perform at the 2016 Met Gala

Nas Appears on J. Dilla’s “The Diary”



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