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NBA First Month Six MVP Candidates

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The first month of the NBA season is in the books. Teams in each conference continue to search for their identity, while players are starting out hot. Stephen Curry continues to prove everyone why he is the MVP. Paul George is resurrecting his all career high numbers and Russell Westbrook is still putting up triple double numbers. Here are six MVP candidates making noise.

1. Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Stephen Curry currently leads the league in scoring at 31 points a game. His player efficiency rating is the highest of his career at 34.45. The Warriors is undefeated at 19-0 on a historic start for the franchise. The team’s success goes on him being the engine of the offense. Even with great teammates such as Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Finals MVP Andre Iguodola around him, Curry can be in the conversation for another MVP trophy.

2. Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)


Lebron James averaging 25,7 points, 7.1 rebounds and 6.8 assists. Shooting at 51 percent from the field, missing three starters and sitting at the top of the eastern conference, the king is still making impact. At 30 years old, James continue to pass all time scorers on the list. He is also battling through back injuries dating back into last season. The Cavaliers can go as far as the Eastern Conference finals if James stays healthy.

3. Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs)

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard on a good Spurs team once again continues to be on the brink as a rising superstar. He continues to score, rebound and play defense against the top scorers in the league. On the fast break he is tough to stop. Players tend to tighten up when he steals the basketball from a bad pass or pick pocket possession. Spurs are currently second behind the Warriors due to not just Tim Duncan and the signing of Lamarcus Aldridge, but the consistent play of Leonard.

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