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NBA Players Take Fashion Much More Serious Than People Think

(Credit Andrew Burton for The New York Times, Associated Press, Getty Images, Reuters)

If people thought NBA players just come to arena’s without dressing well, think again. These players take fashion much more serious as their competitive drive on the court is part of the reason, and don’t ask Russell Westbrook.

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” Sarah Oliphant, an artist who designs backdrops for fashion shows out of her studio in New York, said according to the New York Times. She would not stage these N.B.A. arrivals any other way.

“These are high-powered people with megamoney behind them in every possible way. But the runway is a linoleum floor and a concrete-walled tunnel,” and you can see Teamsters setting up in the background. She added: “I couldn’t have even thought that up. It’s brilliant. Whoever came up with this is brilliant.”

Everyone sees on television the sketchy, ironic tunnels in which players go through before heading into locker rooms All of the glamour players displayed for the public might as well be another competition rated from who’s the best or who’s needs more work. Commitment with clothing is difficult because everyone’s perspective is different as oppose to the common cliche: suits are the key to success.

“You stress over outfits for days,” the Warriors’ Stephen Curry said in an interview according to the New York Times, “and you wind up wearing it for 30 seconds when you walk from the parking lot to the locker room. “I’ve got to make sure everything looks good coming out of the car. “You don’t want to have a missed button or a wrinkled shirt.”

Even Curry knows the importance of looking great for the public as his team is in the finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Him and LeBron James always want to be different from others for pride and having the spotlight. Be on the lookout for more fashionable players throughout the Finals and for more seasons to come.

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