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Neon Tree “Pop Psychology” Review


Neon Trees’ new album Pop Psychology on Island Records is an upbeat collection of sleek, modern alternative pop powered by singer-songwriter Tyler Glenn’s bright melodies, huge chorus arrangements, and lyrics about the challenges of finding love in the digital age. With disarming honesty, songs like “Love in the 21st Century,” “Text Me in the Morning,” and first single “Sleeping With A Friend” cleverly capture the millennial concerns referenced in the titles and deliver them in impeccably shiny sonic packages, thanks to the band’s performances and production by Glenn’s long time friend and songwriting collaborator Tim Pagnotta. Style-wise, Glenn feels that Pop Psychology blends sounds from the Provo, Utah-based quartet’s previous two albums, 2010’s guitar-pop-driven Habits and 2012’s electro-fueled New Wave-inspired Picture Show. “I think this is the first record where we combine both and really sound like Neon Trees throughout the entire,” says Glenn. Over-all it’s a good listen, so grab a copy.

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