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Nets’ Joe Johnson Makes Buzzer Beater Shot, Beat The Nuggets 105-104

Brooklyn Nets vs Denver Nuggets

Brooklyn Nets’ Joe aka “clutch” Johnson makes buzzer beater shot, beat the Nuggets 105-104.

”The play wasn’t designed for me because we were only down two,” Johnson said according to Yahoo Sports. ”It was designed to try to get Brook (Lopez) the ball in the paint and get a layup or easy deuce and go into overtime. Obviously when I came up to the top of the key, I was wide open. Markel saw me and I knew I had one-point-something (on the clock), so I had enough to at least take a dribble. I was able to take a dribble and I don’t even know how it went in.”

Nets have been mostly a down team this season, but they still have been competitive in most games. Johnson, who is still making big shots in his career. It wasn’t planned or executed the way head coach Tony Brown wanted, which made the shot look more ridiculous putting in off glass.

”You know, the play before, Faried made a tough shot and I was just thinking, man, just our luck,” Johnson said according to Yahoo Sports. ”He made that tough shot, but we got some luck back. It was great. Like I said, to get some excitement off a dramatic win like that and hopefully we can get another one before the break.”

The Nets clearly are not making the playoffs. Brook Lopez or Johnson could be traded before the deadline. The head coach position will be in question at the end of the season. Fans can enjoy this until they develop stability for the future of the franchise.

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