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New Artist, New Album, New Tour: Sebastian Mikael’s Q&A



Last Thursday, Swedish singer Sebastian Mikael stopped by for a quick Q&A session about his journey as a new artist going on tour and debuting his first American Produced album, Speechless. After wrapping up a long day of interviews, and sound checks just before his show at Webster Hall’s Studio Room, Sebastian gave Bleu the scoop on his passions and inspirations that fuel the craft he puts his all into.

At any point have you feel that your being form Sweden wouldn’t get you as much respect as an artist? Did you feel like you had to hustle more?

– Yeah. You had to convince way more people especially when you’re moving in to R&B and Hip Hop realm and the urban market. I wasn’t aware of how classified and almost segregated music is in this country until I started. I realized that everything is very separated. I didn’t really know what that meant I just focused on doing me but I think that it’s very opinionated market. Being from Sweden and doing what I’m doing, they’re going to have a lot more to say.

Do you feel like you being looked at more?

-Yes, you’re being looked at more and people are going to have more doubt and more questions. So you just have to show people and convince them

Since you don’t like to classify your music with a genre and you’re not too bent on singing all about love songs, you definitely bring a different element to R&B. With the people that you’ve worked with for this album do you feel that they’ve kind of pushed you toward the Americanized view of R&B?

-When it came to my picking of the artists that I wanted to work with for this album I made sure that they were people that liked what I do and not the other way around. Obviously I like what they do as well but there had to be a connected, they had to believe in what I do.

Do you feel like there’s anything that you want people to know about you that’s isn’t really seen or known yet?

-Just how much I’m into art outside of music. I’m really into visual arts, which I’ll actually be incorporating into this tour.

Do you still get awestricken by celebrities you meet now or do you feel like your one with them?

-I feel like that all the time with a lot of different people. I remember when I met John Legend for the first time I was start struck. He’s been one of my biggest inspirations growing up and starting to sing, I used to do a lot of his songs. So doing a show with him was so surreal. I always try to let those moment really sink in and humble me. Especially when you “get cool” with them and exchange numbers and talk about working together. He was actually talking about working together the first time we had a show together. It was so ill. Think like that to me are surreal. It’s so dope.

What would you like to do more on stage as far as preforming your music is concerned? Do you prefer acoustic and close settings or bigger venues with bands?

-On stage I just like to have a mixture. I always want it to feel intimate where everyone feels like they can be interactive, just to have that energy. I always want my shows to feel like that; I don’t want to feel distant. I’ve always hated performances where the audience what like ‘way out there’. There’s no connection, which makes it harder. Unlike tonight for example which will be my first show off this tour, its going to be a very intimate, dope energy type of show. I’m going to be playing guitar and just preforming, so I’m doing both. We just want to create a dope experience for people.


Be sure to check out Sebastian’s new album Speechless and catch him on tour near you. The performance is great. For tour dates, venues, and the latest news on Sebastian Mikael, Check This Out.

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