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Patriots Win Fifth Title With Record-Breaking Super Bowl Comeback To Beat Falcons 34-28

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Tom Brady cemented his legacy as the greatest quarterback of all-time leading the New England Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl title with a record-breaking comeback, beating the Atlanta Falcons 34-28.


“You know, we all brought each other back,” Brady said according to ABC13. “We never felt out of it. It was a tough battle. They have a great team. I give them a lot of credit. We just made a few more plays than them.”


No quarterback under that amount of pressure would orchestra a 19-point comeback in the fourth quarter, but Brady did the impossible. The GOAT of football set all-time records in Super Bowl history for most passes (62), completions (43) and passing yards (466). He also had two touchdowns in the win. Include this Super Bowl and the other one against Seattle, Brady is 34 of 42 for 370 yards, three touchdowns and 0 interceptions with a 93.7 raw QBR in the fourth quarter/overtime.


Patriots’ running back James White had the game of his life with 14 receptions and three touchdowns, the most touchdowns in a Super Bowl since Terrell Davis. The Patriots psychologically took the heart of the Falcons in the closing minutes, stunning them with this win. The Falcons never been in a situation like this and fell to the pressure. Defensively they gassed out and made the offense make questionable calls that possibly cost them a title.


Now Brady is in a class of his own with five rings. He and coach Bill Belichick have 25 postseason wins as QB/head coach combo, which is the most in postseason history. When they won the coin toss in overtime, everyone knew the game was over. They scored at the goal line after a pass interference, and the team celebrated on the field. A historic moment for a successful franchise that never gives up no matter what.

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