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New Skills To Develop In 2017: Now With Moneymaking Potential

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Whether you’re happy in your day job or seeking a career change, the early part of a year often stimulates people to think about doing something different and developing a new skill. Of course, there’s a myriad choice of things we could learn to do, but why not make those new skills one that also have the potential to earn us extra income? Here are three examples of skills that could generate us some spare cash.


Learn to Play Poker

Of all the casino games that are out there, the one that requires the most strategy and thought is poker. Not only do you have to think about how you’re going to play the hand that you’ve been dealt, but you also have to try and predict what other players will do as well, as each player’s decision could affect your next one. However, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the world’s most popular casino games and there are plenty of people who make their living playing poker.


The best place to start playing poker is at a mobile casino such as mFortune, where you can download the poker app to your phone and play at your convenience. New players also get a welcome bonus when they join and can start playing from as little as 10p. Playing for real tiny stakes is the best way to get to grips with the game, as you can afford to make mistakes as you develop your own poker playing strategy. Don’t be tempted to move up to the higher stakes tables until you’re really sure of what you’re doing.


Enter The World of Trading

Trading is another skill that anyone can see if they have an aptitude for. Although there is inherent risk in trading on the world’s financial markets such as the foreign exchange market (Forex), the basic principle is a simple one. With Forex, all traders are doing is weighing up which way they think currencies will move and placing their trades accordingly. However, for a beginner, it’s best to try out trading in practice mode before you start making real money trades. If you set up an account at a site such as Tradefair, it’s possible to learn the art of trading using the simulation models.


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Forex is just one of the markets to try out, and if you find you don’t enjoy trading on foreign exchange market, there are thousands of others to try out. For instance, you could deal in the commodities market – trading on the value of commodities such as gold, sugar, and coffee. Once you’ve spent a few weeks trading in practice mode, you might feel ready to introduce real cash to your account and the key then is to take it slowly, using very small trades. It’s better to take your time and make incremental progress. Not every trading decision will work in your favour, but the only way to develop your ability as a trader is to try it out for real.


Turn A Hobby Into A Sideline

You might be a plumber, an electrician, a healthcare assistant or a secretary, but do you have a hobby that you’re passionate about? That passion could be earning you some extra cash if you wanted it to. Take photography as an example. If you have a knack of taking great photographs, don’t just keep them in your family albums, get them online so others can see your potential.


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To get your pics earning for you, set up a dedicated Facebook or Instagram account to showcase your best pics, or host your portfolio on Flickr. At the same time, look at submitting photographs on stock photography websites like istockphoto.com or shutterstock.com. Your snaps may only earn you a few pennies, but by allowing your work to be seen online, you’ll open up the possibility to generate a little bit of extra cash from a hobby that you love.


Nearly all of us would welcome a little extra cash in our bank balance if it was easy to come by. If you can do that through learning a new skill or maximizing the potential in a hobby that you already love, what’s stopping you from getting started?

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