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New York African Film Festival Showcase Great Short Films In Their Own Way

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This year’s New York African Film Festival provided some of the best low key films, which included the “Shorts Program 3: New York Shorts” (89m).


The New York Shorts that were much different than regular lengthy films shows insight on what these directors (Sarra Idris, Ekwa Msangi, Nova Scott-James, Mariama Diallo, S. Ajay Ram, Akwaeke Emezi, Oluwaseun Babalola) wanted to do. Despite them being from 5 to 30 mins a piece. so much can be said on the theme and pace.


An example is “Sketch,” directed by Mariama Diallo. The short really show a police sketch artist believing that the person he drew looks like a young African American on the streets, which he interacted with. It suddenly went into a fist fight that resulted to the artist calling the cops.


That short film can really impact an audience as far as racial profiling, regardless of the individual’s race. In today’s world, people are affected by these assumptions and still impacting communities. Directors always have strong messages through storylines and touching scenes in their films. It is what makes film spectacular and connects with individuals to inspire them on doing something about this particular issue. The same can be said on the other short films made by young directors.


Creatively and being different from others can lead to success. Everyone starts somewhere and those that want to showcase their films should submit it to the African Film Festival.

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