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New York Yankees Dismantle Kansas City Royals 14-1 on Memorial Day

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The New York Yankees despite losing 9 out of the last 10 games put on a hitting clinic in the win against the Kansas City Royals 14-1 on Memorial Day.

The Yankees this season have been inconsistent in April and May. They started out slow and were 1-4 before playing the Boston Red Sox’s on Sunday Night Baseball that awaken the offense. Then there were stretches where the team hit well and started to play great against most teams. But the pitchers during those stretches given up more than six runs which resulted in blowouts and losses.

The Yankees found their stride on Memorial Day and it was a good sign of them breaking their slump offensively and defensively.

“Overall, definitely a much-needed good feeling,” said Gardner according to ESPN.

Brett Gardner hit a three run home run and helped contributed to the 11 runs in the 1st inning. They had the longest inning in the game and three other players also hit home runs to blowout the Royals. Yankees General Manager Joe Girardi likes the effort of his team and hopes that good things are coming despite the tough losses in the season.

“It was nice because we’ve been through some tough losses, we’ve been through some ugly losses, and to be able to get that type of lead was really nice,” said Girardi.

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