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New York Yankees Struggling In April Shouldn’t Be A Concern Until Early June

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Lets face it, half of us are still watching the NBA playoffs and keeping track on the NFL draft. But when it comes to New York in April, baseball season brings excitement and expectations. In this case, the New York Yankees have been more of a focus than the New York Mets, who continue to win games.

The Yankees are currently 8-11 in the AL East. The offense is mediocre at best, getting shut out in most games. Pitching wise, it’s inconsistent as any starting pitcher can go from looking a stud to becoming a disaster in one inning. It’s bullpen is great and the main strength of the team. Overall though, they are struggling so much right now it looks like they are trying to hold on for a wild card spot. But that’s too early to say in the first month of the MLB season.

There is a reason for fans to not be worry when it’s 162 games in a season. Because at the end of the day it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Most teams want to pace themselves rather than using all of their energy in four months, which what the Yankees did last season. In late August when starter Luis Severino made his debut at Yankee stadium, the offense disappear. It was never the same again and they barely made the playoffs, loss to Houston Astros in the wildcard round.

Currently, this team with the addition of Sterlin Castro is doing okay. The injury of Alex Rodriguez definitely hurts their offense a bit, but either Carlos Beltran or Mark Teixeira can take that spot. Nothing should be of a concern until early June. It’s better for this team to struggle now than later. If this continues during the summer, Yankee fans should push the panic button as this team needs to contend for the playoffs.

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