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NFL Players Will Never Make NBA or MLB Money For Two Reasons

NFL Players Can't Make Money Like The NBA or MLB

The NFL players have a right to be upset over the amount of money invested in the NBA. During free agency, everyone sees NBA players get from $130 to $150 million in guarantee deals. Most can say MLB stars having a lot more cash, especially for starting pitchers. Now there are two reasons why NFL players on any team won’t come close to salaries that NBA or MLB make.

1. Longevity

Longevity is used in so many when it comes to careers in sports. The average career span for an NFL is three to four years. The reason for that is too many injuries can occur on any given play. The injuries can range from concussions to ACL injuries to a shoulder pop on a quarterback, causing them millions of dollars.

But for the NBA and MLB, they last much longer since no protected pads or helmet are used. It’s just running to the basket or taking a jumpshot for the NBA, and for the MLB, standing in one spot waiting to catch a baseball or hitting it with a bat, which is a lot harder than people think. Until the NFL can address longevity, it will never, ever make guarantee deals much higher than NBA or MLB.

2. Too Many Players

Don’t even compare the rosters of the NFL to the NBA or MLB. They have 53 active players through out the season, NBA has 15, and MLB 25 most of the time. NFL owners can’t pay multiple players with $120 or $150 million dollars. Would a player, who is not even getting close to those moneys, be jealous in a locker room? Absolutely.

Ego is a big factor since most believe they have more value than the average fan thinks. Money is becoming a piece of paper being thrown for fun. The NFL has a long way to go if they want the players to be paid much higher than the other two major sports.

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