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NFL Super Bowl Preview

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After a disappointing NFL postseason filled with lopsided victories, it all comes down to the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots facing each other in Super Bowl 51.


This is one of the more compelling matchups to watch even for non-football fans. The number one scoring offense (Falcons) goes up against the number one scoring defense (Patriots). Take a look below according to Pro Football Reference at what history says on who comes out as Super Bowl champs.


Year Top Offense Avg Points Top Defense Avg Pts Allowed Super Bowl Score SB Total Pts O/U
2016 Falcons 33.8 Patriots 15.6 ? ? 58*
2013 Broncos 37.9 Seahawks 14.4 Seahawks, 43-8 51 47.5
1990 Bills 26.8 Giants 14.2 Giants, 20-19 39 40
1989 49ers 26.8 Broncos 14.1 49ers, 55-10 65 48
1984 Dolphins 32.1 49ers 14.2 49ers, 38-16 54 53.5
1978 Cowboys 24 Steelers 12.2 Steelers, 35-31 66 37


Based on these stats it shows that the Patriots will win in either a close game or blowout. But no one can take away what the Falcons are offensively. They have more weapons than any other team in the league. Each position whether it’s quarterback, running backs, wide receivers or tight ends are at least a top 10 talent.


Matt Ryan should be the MVP of the league for his impressive season and becoming a leader on this team. Julio Jones is the best wide receiver in the game and doesn’t need any social media posts to be the center of attention. But also the other players are stepping up big time. How do they fair against a historical great franchise like the Patriots? Too much firepower for them to handle.


Yes the Patriots have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, arguably the greatest duo in sports history. But they also have limited talent despite having a great system. The defense is playing better than most people expected and certainly will make the Falcons work hard for points. They however need to figure out how to stop Jones, which isn’t an easy task. Regardless of him being stopped, there are other players on offense capable of making plays. Maybe the coaching staff needs to figure out the rest of the team if they want to win the 5th Super Bowl for the franchise. Expect this to be a close game and the Falcons winning it by double-digits late in the fourth quarter.


Falcons 31 Patriots 21

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