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NFL Week 3 Top Five Quarterbacks In The League


Three weeks into the NFL season and quarterbacks around the league are putting up monster numbers. As they say it’s a passing league and having a good to great quarterback is essential for playoffs expectations. Here are the top five quarterbacks in the league over three weeks.

5. Tyrod Taylor- Buffalo Bills

Tyrod Taylor came into the season as a third string quarterback for the Bills. He out worked quarterbacks Matt Cassell and E.J. Manuel for the 1st string position. Now he’s in Rhythm with the Buffalo’s offense. It’s very interesting to see an explosive offense under head coach Rex Ryan, who isn’t known to develop any offensive players. However the weapons on this offense (Sammy Watkins, Percy Harvin, LeSean McCoy) all are contributing.

Taylor is completing 74 percent of his passes with a QB rating of 116.1. He has seven touchdowns, three interceptions and threw for 714 yards. His pocket awareness combined with his athleticism makes him a dangerous player on the run. Taylor faces the Giants in week four and it’s curious to see if he can keep this up against a suspect defense.

4. Andy Dalton- Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton is what he is since he came into the league. He has an average arm at best with solid pocket awareness and a great supporting cast around him. He is off to another great start with the Bengals and hopes to continue that trend heading into the playoffs as he continues to fall short in the first round. This doesn’t take away his consistency in the season.

Dalton has eight touchdowns, one interceptions and completed 66 percent of his passes with a 121.0 QB rating. His weapons such as wide receivers A.J. Green and Marvin Jones spread the offense. His running backs Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill gives him play action passes in the game. They are favored to win the AFC north and can potentially win the AFC as they continue to destroy opponents.

3. Carson Palmer- Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer coming back from the past as he helps the Cardinals get off to a 3-0 start. After suffering another ACL injury on his knee and playing with a brace, he continues to make plays offensively. Palmer with his great arm strength and capability to move around in the pocket with no severe pain makes them a Super Bowl contender. He is not only complementing a great defense, but letting wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Josh Brown make plays.

Palmer has nine touchdowns, two interceptions and completing 63 percent of his passes with a 117.8 QB rating. The key for the Cardinals to be a Super Bowl contender is his health. Palmer is prone to being injury at a given moment. If the Cardinals want to make noise in the playoffs, Palmer’s needs to remain healthy and can potentially be an MVP candidate player during the season.

2. Tom Brady- New England Patriots

The four time Super Bowl champ is making a statement once again after accusers believed he cheated in the Deflategate scandal. At age 38 Tom Brady is on a roll starting out hot in the first three games. He leads the league in passing with 1,112 yards. He’s completing 72.2 percent of his passes with nine touchdowns and no interceptions. His QB rating is 119.6 which is nothing new, but his command on the offense is better than before.

He’s not only throwing the football to Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman and other system receivers, but is developing chemistry. Brady is clearly on a mission to be the best quarterback in NFL history. The Patriots have a shot to repeat as champs and they can possibly go 16-0. As long as Brady is there, they always have a shot to win it all.

1. Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

The reigning MVP proves why he is the best quarterback in the league. Aaron Rodgers after coming off a calf injury in the NFC championship starting out just as hot as Brady. The ability to read defenses, processing quick information and delivering quick passes less than one second makes him difficult deal to with. How can any defense deal with his mobility and playing in a west coast offense.

Completing 73.6 percent of his passes with 10 touchdowns, zero interceptions and a QB rating of 135.4 is nothing to sneeze at. These video game type of numbers continues to be his everyday routine with wide receivers like Randall Cobb and James Jones and running back Eddie Lacy.  The Packers defense can be something to worry about, but Rodgers play dictates the team’s chance of winning the Super Bowl without wide receiver Jordy Nelson in the lineup.


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