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Nick Jonas covers the new issue of Essential Homme


Pop star Nick Jonas released his new album Last Year Was Complicated last week, and it seems like ever since then, Nick has been popping up everywhere to promote. He’s been to London’s Capital FM Summertime Ball, the Tonight Show, Watch What Happens Live and, now, he’s appearing on the cover of the June/July issue of Essential Homme.

“I started making this record the week my last album came out in 2014, but then last summer I went through a breakup that changed everything,” Jonas says in his conversation with Essential Homme. “I remember my manager looked at me and said, ‘Alright, you really have to dig deep, it’s important that you get honest, vulnerable, and lay out your stories in the best way you can,’ so I did. The record really became about this year of my life, and that’s not limited to any one event or anything specifically that happened, but, you know, everything. There are some tough moments and there are some great ones.”

Read the rest of the of interview in the June/July issue of Essential Homme out now


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