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Nicole Chaplin’s 5 Tips to Staying Fit


1. Set Goals

In my book, “YES MAM” I discuss, before even tying your shoes laces or stepping inside a gym, know what your goals are. Do you want to lose weight, run a marathon, successfully complete a full body conditioning class, etc? Determine your short term and long term goals and be confident that you can obtain them.

2. Make Better Food and Drink Selections 

Get smarter about what you eat and drink. Pay attention to what you allow to go into your body by limiting the amount of sweets and alcoholic beverages you intake. Cupcakes are the new black and depending on their size, they can range from 150 – 550 calories in one serving. An average 5 ounce glass of red or white wine contains between 100 and 125 calories, therefore, 3 glasses of wine can quickly cost you and additional 300 calories. During the day drink sufficient amounts of water, it’s the best beverage for your body! When you are eating out try to arrive at your destination with a satisfied appetite. You will feel better about yourself by not arriving hungry and will be less likely to overeat. Now you can be more focused on eating smaller portions.  Remember you are in control of what you indulge in so take the time to pay attention and make the wiser and healthier decision.

3. Keep Moving 

Exercise is the key to burning calories. Discover extra ways to keep your body active. Use the parking lot as a treadmill and park as far away as you can to add in some extra cardio time. When it’s possible use the stairs instead of the elevator. At the gym or at home add in an extra 5 or 10 minutes to your cardio days. The little extra work here and there will add up.

4. Know Your Enemy

Chocolate chip cookies are my weakness, what’s yours? Replace your weakness with a healthy substitute. At your office have fruits, nut trail mixes, or lightly salted pretzels handy so when the chocolate candies are going around you have other options. By remembering what your weaknesses are you will have a better chance of being victorious over them.

5. Have Fun

The best way to stay fit is to enjoy the exercises you do. If you do not enjoy boxing then it does not make sense to go to a boxing class. Engage in activities you do like so you will stick with it and make being fit a LIFESTYLE.



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