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Nintendo NX Coming Out In March Next Year

Nintendo NX

Hold your money saving video game fans, a new system is in the works from Nintendo, and it can be the future of gaming.

They officially announced their next-generation game console “NX” to be released in March 2017. It will also include a brand new concept for the system, much more different than previous Nintendo systems. Some of the insight can be based on the new horseshoe-shaped controller.

In the past, however, consumers looked at the Wii and Wii U as a kids toy as oppose to adult consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. This may still follow that path, which won’t suit well for those over 21 years of age. But what’s to say Nintendo is planning on putting their franchise back on top.

Nintendo will also stop making Wii U systems this year, and they announced their new title for the “NX”. The official NX launch title is “The Legend of Zelda”, a classic game and still a cornerstone of the franchise. Fans are to be excited about the decisions made by Nintendo. This might put them back on top as they are one of the longest running gaming franchises in the world.

Expect the launch of the console to be epic and exciting next year in March.

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