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NY Giants Mistakes In Dallas Questions Team’s Mindset Moving Forward

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin

There are so many reasons to why and how the New York Giants loss the game, but it does question the team’s mindset moving forward.

Some of the reasons why the Giants loss the game goes back to the last drive on offense. Running back Rashad Jennings question’s the teams decision on trying to score instead of being passive.

“As a running back, it’s really tough when they tell you not to score,” Jennings said according to ESPN.

The Giants would had been a very good situation rather than being passive. But it’s very uncharacteristic from a veteran team with playoff and super bowl experience to make mistakes including bad time management. On 3rd down quarterback Eli Manning threw the ball instead of taking the sack to kill clock. It’s play like that question what was Manning thinking, but he respond to that decision.

“Yeah, I should have,” Manning said according to ESPN. “One hundred percent on me right there. Bad clock management for that whole deal. I had an option. Just take the sack and run those 40 seconds off the clock, give them less time. That’s 100 percent on me and that can’t happen.”

The game can’t just be on the quarterback, but the head coach as well. Tom Coughlin blew this game and knows it’s his fault. Coming from the Bill Parcells tree, he knows situational football and time management. But if the Giants have any hope of doing something this season to make the playoffs, poor decisions like this can hinder their chances.


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