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NYFWM: G-Shock x Robert Geller


I walked up to the building in hush excitement, I was anticipating this moment since I was assigned to cover the show 2 weeks ago. The dissolving snowflakes fell behind me as I pulled the door with the sign that read “Back Stage.”
Up 2 flights of stairs, through an outdoor balcony that connected one corridor to the other, and in I was.


Platform 1, Robert Geller AW 17


My first point of sight is a black rectangular platform with a dozens watches designed by G-Shock, “it’s the 5th consecutive year where Robert Geller and G-Shock/ G-Steel work together for Men’s New York Fashion week,” said another photographer obviously aware of my inquisitive stare.


On my right aligned his pieces— steamed and ready for its models to showcase. At first sight, the line showed a lovely balance. The heaviness of dark color wools, ready for war neoprene ski masks and playful patterns such as paisley, ever soft & flowy silks of orange, purple, & blue pants.


The message for this particular line illustrated a beautiful coalition with love and war, drama and peace. Heady touches of ornamental military epaulets gave his sequence an elegant semblance of protest.


Add Geller to the growing list of visionaries protesting the Commander-in-Chief,
This line is as strong as ever, ten years later. View the gallery below.


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