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Omarion Makes Love to His Own Music



Omarion reveals all!  The Grammy nominated singer is known for a string of hits that came out in the mid 2000s, including “Ice Box” and “O.”  The Love and hip Hop Hollywood Star is smitten with his new album, his woman, and his baby boy.

What was the inspiration behind your new album Sex Playlist?

As I progressed and got older I learned how to listen.  Your woman will tell you exactly she wants, and she’ll be everything that you want her to be, you just have to listen and you can connect.  So that’s what Sex Playlist is, the inspiration is my real life, its what I go through I feel like that’s what true art is.  Art has truth in it, it has to resonate with you.

                   So If you don’t want to get pregnant, then you might not want to put this on.

How did your collaboration “Post to Be” with Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko come about?

Just like all the studio sessions, I just think to myself “Man, who would be dope on this record?”  I called them and said, “Yo bro I need you to hop on this record.”  The energy was just right, it just happened.

Where would you describe yourself musically with this project? Was it unique from your past albums?

Yes, it was unique in every way.  Because I’m definitely in a different place than i was with my last albums.  It’s more mature in general because I have matured.  The process was different too; I experimented and made love to my own music, which I had never done before.


Do you have a favorite track from this project?

Yes, I do.  It is the title song, “Sex Playlist”.  The reason why I love it is because my uncle, who is a Grammy nominated jazz player, plays at the end of my song. He and I had never collaborated on a record.  It’s so dope that right now in this particular genre of music people are not taking the time to use instruments like that, and I happen to have a Grammy nominated saxophonist on my album.

Did you have any fears going into the reality TV show Love and Hip Hollywood?  Why did you decide to take that on?

Well yes, I did have some preconceived notions like how are they going to portray me on television. And I didn’t want to be looking crazy.  I knew I had to give them a little drama, but I was thinking, “How deep does the drama need to go?”  But they ended up portraying the story perfectly.  I felt that it was like a roller coaster; there were ups and downs, the way real life is.  The experience for me was great and I would love to have my own TV show someday.

Omarion, were you shocked to hear about Young Bergs attack on Masika Tucker?

I don’t know if I would say that I was shocked. But I definitely was like, “man, we just finished the reunion”.  To hear was really disappointing.


omarion-apryl-jonesIn what ways did your relationship and your new baby influence Sex Playlist?

It definitely affected me personally and professionally because my son, Megaa Omari Grandberry, is 3 months old now so I have to make sure that I make time for him.  He wakes up with a smile on his face when I say good morning, he’s good!  But there are times when I have to go out of town and I need to Facetime my son.  It can be challenging but I have to stay on top of my professional life because the bills still have to be paid.  My son has taught me how to keep things in perspective, and now I am selfless.

You received a great deal of praise for the support you gave Apryl during her birth on the show? Did you expect that response?

No, I had no idea that I was going to get the love that I got.  I was just being myself, I had to make sure she was Gucci.   I think its kind of cool that we could inspire other people. I know April inspired a lot of women to go through with natural birth and to have the strength to do it.

And how did you and Apryl handle the rumors concerning the paternity of your son? Was that difficult?

No we laughed.  We laugh at stuff like that.

What advice would you give to someone who seeks the same success that you have achieved?

You know, success is perspective.  I’m someone who is rarely satisfied, I always reach for more.  I’m happy we finally have release date.  I’m trying to maintain my own level of success, while continually trying to grow.  When you are creating, if you feel happy and then you put it out and people don’t like it or only a person buys it, you don’t know how it might have changed that one person’s life.  You never know the impression you have on people when you are giving your soul away.


Speaking with Omarion was a real pleasure, pun intended.  Look out for Sex Playlist and be sure to follow him on Instagram!

Taylor earned Bachelor of Arts from Wagner College in Spanish and Anthropology. Follow her Instagram @taylorstabler

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