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Paula Patton Attends Advanced Movie Screening For “Warcraft” In NYC


Warcraft 1

Warcraft is the long-awaited film adaptation of the popular video game, World of Warcraft. Written and directed by Duncan Jones, Warcraft stars Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster and Dominic Cooper.

On Wednesday, June 8th, Patton attended a Q&A session at AMC 34 in Manhattan after a media screening of the film that was hosted by the Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee, and the Bleu staff was in the building.

In the film, Patton plays a half human, half orc character named Garona. Her name in the orc language means cursed.When asked about her transformation to change into her character, Patton said, “First it was just the way they wanted her to look. They wanted her to look like she could be half orc. So, the director wanted me to look yoked. So, I spent a lot of time in the gym. Two and a half hours a day, six days a week, all kinds of protein shakes, steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was painful. You just have to go through this phase where you kind of look like a man. You’re kind of fat but you’re not, and everybody was just like ‘Trust me you’ll get through this’.”

Because she was born into a family with a white mother and black father, Paula was asked if she felt any special connection to her character’s motivations to bring to different cultures together. “People have love, pain, anger and all of it the same and we need to get to a place where we appreciate our traditions, our culture, because that’s special,” she said in summary. “But it’s so divisive. But what would that be like to bring people together and feel like you’re just part of humanity? I know that’s a grand, crazy thing in our world. But it’s something to aspire to.”

Warcraft is now in theaters nationwide!

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