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Penclic’s B2 Mouse And C2 Keyboard Are Perfect Gadgets For The Ultimate Stylish Desk

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Meet Penclic, a brand that offers stylishly innovative and ergonomic desk solutions. In preventing Repetitive Strain Injuriy (RSI) and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome caused by most forms of technology today (smart phones, desk posture etc.), Penclic is not only creating their products with the worlds latest technology, they are also promoting healthy habits by improving the way we use technology today.



via Penclic


Introducing the B2 Mouse. Designed as a pen with 5 conveniently placed buttons and a scroll to optimize usability. Buttons include: left click, right click and middle click on the pens right side. Backward and forward click on the left side for surfing, with the scroll wheel on the base of the mouse. Packaging includes a rechargeable battery with everyday use lasting to a month and it’s wireless, using Bluetooth’s latest technology to help you maximize on your creative freedom.


via Penclic


Introducing the C2 Keyboard. Different from your typical desk necessities, the C2 keyboard was created with comfort in mind, using softer keys that enforces the use of smaller keystrokes with minimal pressure. It also offers 2 extra USB ports, keeping all of your gadgets connected.


Amongst many qualities including its Mac and PC compatibilities, Penclic did not forget to serve on looks. The B2 Mouse is available in a striking white and their C2 Keyboard in black and white. The physical designs are sleek, light and compact, giving you enough room to work efficiently.

Beauty doesn’t have to be a pain. Create a comfortable, stylish, and RSI-free working environment with Penclic!


The Penclic B2 mouse is $99.95 available online from Penclic and the C2 Keyboard is $64.99 available in black or white from Penclic.

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