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Phife Dawg Of A Tribe Called Quest Dies At 45 Years Old

Phife Dawg

Malik Taylor aka ‘Phife Dawg’, one of the founding members of A Tribe Called Quest, dies at 45 years old.

He was a co-founder growing up with Q-Tip in Queens, New York. His cause of death is unknown and was dealing with health issues for years being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Taylor appeared in four songs on the group’s debut album and in “Can I Kick It?”. Last January the group reunited for one more time, celebrating their 25th anniversary of their debut album. Taylor before his death on how popular their group was and the impact it made in the music world.

“It’s odd in a good way,” said Taylor according to Independent. “I never expected it to be this big. I just thought we were going to be celebs in the hood. Like, honestly, within 25 years, when you go to places like Australia and Japan and Amsterdam and London and Germany and these people know [the songs] word-for-word, it’s crazy.”

Check one of their classic songs “Scenario” in remembrance of Phife Dawg.

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