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Pokemon GO Epidemic

via Pokemon.com

In the weeks following its release, Pokemon GO has garnered a LOT of attention in the media. From stories about how a child ran away from home because the mother deleted the app, to unfaithful boyfriends being caught cheating thanks to the map feature, the app has become a growing being with a mind of its own.

Now, yes, this author does play Pokemon GO- I play on my way to work, while shopping in the city, while walking to my grandma’s house. But I know that there is a fine line between harmless enjoyment and whatever addiction is happening to a significant percentage of players. For example, while walking through New York City’s Union Square, I saw a guy dressed exactly like Ash Ketchum (protagonist of the Pokemon TV series) who had duct-taped a Pikachu to his shoulder. While simultaneously weird and kind of cool, this is exactly what I’m talking about.

Just remember, everyone: this is just a game. While the Pokemon universe is really cool and everything, it is just a work of fiction, no matter how much we try to integrate it into our lives. It’s not that serious.

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