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Portugal Stuns The World Beating France 1-0 To Win Its 1st Major Title!!!

(AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Cristiano Ronaldo was out in the first half with a knee injury, giving Portugal almost no chance in winning the game. But that didn’t matter as they won in extra time with one goal to secure their first major title over France in the European Championship final.

”I had bad luck because I had a small injury in the beginning of the game, but my colleagues did their part – they run, they fight,” said Ronaldo, who has already won every major club honor according to the Associated Press. ”Nobody believed in Portugal but we won”.

Ronaldo definitely had bad luck in the finals. The team searched for a unsung hero to will them into victory as the underdogs. Eder, the unheralded striker who plays for the French club Lille, broke his own French fans scoring in the 109th-minute of the game.

It’s going to be very odd seeing Eder play in the French league. He scored the goal over them thanks to Ronaldo, who gave him confidence saying he would get a goal. Now Portugal celebrates their 1st major title after being carried by the stellar play of Ronaldo, who continues to play like he’s the best player in the world.

Portugal fans can celebrate for the rest of the year with a title. France fans might just want to wait for the next international cup.

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