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President Barack Obama Hosting His First Music Festival


While the elections is almost here and debates are underway, President Barack Obama still in our lives hosting the South by South Lawn festival.


Taking place on Oct 3 at the south lawn of the White House, this festival includes big names such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Jones, The Lumineers and the cast of Stranger Things. They are aiming to celebrate the spirit of innovation filled with ideas, art and action.


According to the statement on the White House’s website, they stated: “At SXSL, we’ll call on every American to roll up their sleeves and discover their own way to make a positive difference in our country. And it’s an opportunity to celebrate the inspiring work so many Americans have already accomplished.”


DiCaprio during the festival set to premiere his new documentary called “Before The Flood,” which focuses on the importance of climate change. Obama and DiCaprio expect to a live discussion after the film.


For those interested in getting tickets to the festival, it’s based on a nomination process from the White House seeking those making positive impacts within their community. Everyone else can watch it live on whitehouse.gov or facebook.com/whitehouse.

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