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Pura Vida!


Whether you are looking to be one with nature, or you want to step out of your comfort zone and face your fears, or simply relax and soak up the sun, Costa Rica is the vacation spot. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and tropical rain forests, the beautiful country offers tourists an array of activities that are sure to create long lasting memories.


Relaxation: Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica – All Inclusive

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If you are looking to simply relax, Hotel Riu Palace is the place for you. The all-inclusive beachfront resort has everything one needs from unlimited drinks, a build in spa, casino and a remarkable food experience. There are 6 outdoor swimming pools, comfortable beach chairs with an open and close option for the cabana to block the sunlight.  During the day there is a Costa Rican style BBQ in the pool area with the most delicious local food. The buffet BBQ offers everything from salad, ribs, chicken, paella, and an amazing shrimp dish. As far as your beverages, no need to move, the waiters bring everything directly to you. You can also get a deep tissue massage on the beach, which will run you about $25 USD.


Zip Lining

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One of the most daring and adventurous activities is Zip-Lining through the rain forest of Costa Rica. The activity is totally safe and secure, if you follows the directions.


Deep Sea Exploring: Coco Island

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Coco Island is a National Park located right off the shore of Costa Rica. The Island is most famous for tourists who wish to snorkel and deep-sea scuba dive. It should be noted that while exploring the seas of the island is a terrific experience, it is expensive. Deep Sea Scuba Diving can easily cost you one thousand US dollars.



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If you are interested in exploring and learning about the history of Costa Rica, I would suggest visiting Cartago. Cartago was the original capital of Costa Rica, before it was changed to San Jose.  Cartago has some of the country’s oldest communities and it features ruins that are said to date back to the 16th century. There is also the famous Lankester Botanical Garden and historical churches.


Social Activities and Parties

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If you are into partying, be sure to check out the following clubs through Costa Rica:

Club Vertigo Club: Hip Hop and House Music

Jacó- Restaurant  and Bar

El Steinvorth- Karaoke


Costa Rica Facts

Food – Costa Rican breakfast, lunch, and dinner have two main ingredients in common: rice and black beans. Most Costa Ricans eat at home or cook at home and take their food to school or work from home. If people eat out on the run, they usually eat at a typical little sodas (restaurants that cater to tourists) that serve very balanced and very reasonably priced meals. Rice and beans mixed for breakfast is called Gallo Pinto.

Fashion – In the city, most people dress as they do in any other large city in the world. Even though the temperature is higher here, people still wear long pants, jeans, long skirts and even layers or sweaters. The typical guy on the street is wearing jeans and a tee-shirt with tennis shoes. For the trendier and younger groups of people you will see the same trends you see in the United States or Europe.

Social Life – Costa Ricans love to party! Most people go out on Fridays and Saturdays, but there are exceptions when the club or bar hosts a discount night, or especially popular, a ladies night. For example, Monday nights in San Jose, Cuartel de la Boca del Monte is a hot spot. Ladies nights are always guaranteed to be popular because ladies get in for free, and are treated to free drinks. Some bars and clubs offer discounted drinks and entrance fees for showing up before 9pm, but the crowd usually does not come out in full until 10pm or 11pm.


Nightlife in Costa Rica

  1. Club Vertigo – The house, hip-hop, and reggae enthusiasts of the world can do no better in Costa Rica than Club Vertigo. This expansive, exclusive club books some of the most famous artists who venture to Costa Rica, from Fatboy Slim to The Crystal Method, and regularly packs hundreds into its Moroccan-themed lounge dubbed The Den. 
  2. Miraflores Disco Club – Miraflores Disco Club has been the hottest spot to dance and party in the otherwise subdued suburb of Heredia, a short ride from the capital city of San Jose, for more than forty years. This legendary dance club is only open Friday to Sunday, from 9pm to 6am. Hi-tech lasers, plasma screens, and a state of the art sound system enhances the experience, and two DJs spinning danceable electronic and Latin mixes keep everyone on their feet. Two bars serve thirsty partygoers, and the newly installed kitchen means you can satisfy cravings for a midnight snack, and work up an appetite for breakfast on your way out.
  3. Bar Maritza – Just when Puerto Viejo was in need of a little more night music, the black and white themed Bar Maritza has stepped up to the plate with a remodeled interior and a shiny new facade, bringing life after dark to the otherwise quiet stretch of beachfront it occupies. Maritza is attached to the front of a hotel with the same name, and encompasses a long wooden bar, dance floor, and several cocktail tables.


Mango Sunset – One of Puerto Viejo’s most popular spots to party after dark, Mango Sunset, formerly called the Sunset Bar, has maintained its old-school vibe and infused new life into this open-to-the- ocean-front beach shack. Inexpensive drink specials such as $1 Tequila and Guaro shots, rotating DJs, and free cocktail hours for ladies have kept Mango Sunset on the local nightlife map.

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