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Q & A with Troubles Clothing


Men’s fashion is something we appreciate here at Bleu Magazine. With social media, fashion is thrown out at us at every turn. That is exactly how our subject Durrel Dupard was discovered. I so happened to be following his clothing companies Troubles Clothing on Instagram and thought to myself it would be so dope to interview the designer of these clothes. He was real cool about an inquiry e-mail I sent and I conducted a quick interview about his co-owned clothing company. With his leather inspired shirts, pants and sweats it’s only a matter of time before Troubles Clothing is a household name. Thank us later.

Q: How did you get into designing?
A: all really started because I could never find any clothes I liked in my local mall.

Q: Was starting your own line something you always envisioned?
A: Yes but mainly opening my own store/boutique.

Q:What are some of the misconceptions people have about starting a line?
A: People think that it is easy but figure out it’s the complete opposite.

Q: Where did you come up with the name? What does it represent it to you?
A: My business partner and I couldn’t stay out of Trouble in high school together.Ha-ha

Q: Do you wear your own product? I ask because I feel like some designers never wear their own clothes.
A: I try to wear my own products every single day. It’s like self advertising and my own style.

Q: Do you plan on extending the brand? Such female clothes, accessories, etc.
A: Yes I do really soon!

Q: If you could design an outfit for anyone, who would it be?
A: Kanye West himself!

Q: Any advice for aspiring clothing designers?
A: Follow your own dream and don’t let others put you down. Being original is the key.

You can check out more clothing onInstagram:@Trblsclothing or @richhomierell

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